Weight Loss

A Revolutionary Approach that Goes Beyond Hypnotherapy

Are you constantly gaining and losing the same weight, you just can't figure out WHY? Weight loss is something you want so badly, yet you struggle with it continually because of self-sabotaging behaviors? Maybe you have always struggled with losing weight, you have been told it's “lack of will power”? Are there certain situations that make you “stress eat”? Do you put EVERYTHING in front of exercise, but continually tell yourself you are going to start?

The mind has a belief and is making you do these things, it's NOT because you aren't trying hard enough. We can find out the root belief your mind has about food, exercise, self care, and release it, then give it a belief that makes your goals possible.

In many cases, RTT can help you make peace with your body. You will overcome anxiety that causes you to be hyper-critical of your appearance. Often constant comparison with harmful ideas can lead to unrealistic health and fitness goals. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you recognize what better health looks like for you.

Weight loss struggle example:

A woman came to me because she had gained about 20lbs over the last 18 months. She had gone to medical doctors and they all told her it was not a medical issue. She was desperate, didn't know what to do because she had never had a weight problem before.

During her session, she was under hypnosis and I regressed her. She went to scenes and remembered:

When she was a child she had been bullied in the 3rd grade. Her mind told her to start eating more “so she would grow big and strong and could protect herself”. About 6 months later her family moved. She never had any issue with bullying again.

She also regressed to a scene, about 2 years prior to the present time. 2 years earlier, she got a new boss, who was very intimidating and verbally abusive. Her mind was getting her to eat more “so she would grow big and strong and could protect herself”. She even said that the feelings she would get at work reminded her of the bullying she experienced when she was around 8 yrs old. We told the subconscious mind that wasn't working for her any longer. We came up with the idea of speaking up to her boss , finding her voice, would be better than trying to get bigger. I enhanced her self-esteem and self-worth and really empowered her as a smart woman that uses her voice to speak up when people do not act appropriately towards her.

Two months after her session, she had lost 9 pounds and her boss was not aggressive towards her any longer. She had found her voice and it took only one time of her speaking up and telling the woman it was not appropriate to speak to her the way she was and that she wasn't going to put up with it any longer.

She said she felt so free and in control, like she never has in her life.

Ready for a life upgrade?

Success Stories...

"What a life changer! I cant believe how our childhood stays with us throughout our whole life, influencing so many behaviors and decisions. I never would have discovered them without RTT. Not only do I feel different, but people actually notice a difference in me."