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"Cathy is amazing, I really appreciate her and what she does. I went to Cathy because I wasn't getting what I wanted. She asked me what's going on with me and my life. And give me some treatment. Years of negative thinking, anxiety, hopelessness, despair have just melted away. I have confidence to get what I like in life now! Thank you Cathy!!" (RTT Hypnotherapy & VST) – Joy T.

"My mom found Cathy and wanted to help me with my confidence and memory. I would study for exams but when it was time to actually take the exam, I would forget everything. My heart would beat hard and My hands would sweat very badly. I have to take my SAT in a couple months and I was really terrified of getting a bad score. After I was hypnotized, Cathy took me back to something I had forgotten about and we talked about it while I was hypnotized. It made my brain understand it differently and now I don't have those horrible feelings with exams. I look forward to them, because it amazes me how it doesn't even bother me any longer. I know I can do anything now. I tell my friends about it too." (RTT Hypnotherapy) – Jeff A.

"After one RTT session with Cathy I already see a difference in my ability, and motivation to be organized. I have less anxiety about starting projects that used to seem overwhelming and caused me to procrastinate. Now I approach each task with a strategic plan and a calm demeanor. I am so grateful for the session with Cathy and continue to utilize the tools she provided me with." (RTT Hypnotherapy) – Shannon S.

"I am SO grateful I saw Cat for my RTT sessions! I have been struggling with time management with school and organization throughout every aspect of my life. I felt like I was almost sabotaging my own efforts. I have another year and half of school to graduate with my masters, but if I continued the way I was going, it wasn't going to happen.

Since seeing Cat I've been feeling much more efficient with my time. I had a difficult time getting motivated to study & do my school work, I discovered I didn't believe in myself or deserved to succeed. When we did “regression” I discovered why I felt like that. Cat showed me how to remove those beliefs during the session. Mentally I feel driven & excited about school again. Listening to my personal recording before bed, it is also a soothing way for me to fall asleep, I feel at ease knowing that my subconscious is taking in everything as well. I'm so grateful for Cat, thank you so much for everything! I can't wait to see what else we can accomplish!" (RTT Hypnotherapy) – Sarah N.

"My whole life, for as long as I can remember, I have had a problem with doctors and needles. I just couldn't understand what the problem was, I'm a grown man terrified of something so small and necessary. I would physically get a feeling when I would have a doctors appointment and I just could never make the appointments.

When I heard about RTT and that it could help with the fear of needles and doctors, I decided it's time I figure this out. So I gave it a try.

Cathy was really awesome, she made me feel so comfortable about the situation and confident about the process. I couldn't believe it! It blew my mind after the session. I remember things from my past that I had forgotten about for probably 20 years. We cleared away those feelings that I had stored and that was what my problem was.

I have gone to the doctors one time, I've had my blood drawn and I absolutely had no problem with that. Every time I think about it I get a rush and honestly feel free and invincible.

Cat, I tell everyone about what you can do and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for changing my life." (RTT Hypnotherapy) Anthony G.

"What a life changer! I cant believe how our childhood stays with us throughout our whole life, influencing so many behaviors and decisions. I never would have discovered them without RTT. Not only do I feel different, but people actually notice a difference in me.

Cathy, I'm making a register of things I would like to bring out, thank you for introducing Rapid Transformational Therapy to me, I brag about you to everyone!!!" (RTT Hypnotherapy) – Beth

"This was my first experience with vibrational sound therapy and I have to say it was amazing. Cathy does a great job making you feel comfortable and explaining how the process works with the bowls and the other types of therapy's she does. I will definitely be going back to her to have more sessions done." (VST) – Jim S.

"I went to Cat for insomnia and stress. She suggested Vibrational Sound Therapy and let me tell you it was amazing! She uses Himilayan bowls and when I finished my first 60 min session I felt like I had slept for 8 hours solid.

I have been going once a week for the last month and I feel like a new person!

Try it, you will not regret it." (VST) – Mark O.

"Cat is Amazing, capital A Amazing for a very powerful reason. I am a male, 28 years of age, and up until recently (my session with Cat +30 days) I have been biting my nails since I can consciously recall. Until now, I cannot remember a time in my life where I have had beautiful nails that do not bleed and hurt to the touch, preventing me from performing daily tasks with ease. I specifically chose Cat and her RTT services with Life Upgrade 4 U because I trust her dearly -- this is especially important with vulnerable work such as Hypnotherapy; trust and comfort are imperative for deep work and success. My session was remote (I live in AZ) and I felt incredibly comfortable in my home and catered to throughout the session. Cat is a beautiful soul who will cradle you with love and meet you where you want to be met in addressing the issues of which you want to address. I chose nail biting because it was an addiction that I was ready to face and let go of fully, addressing fears and past-programming that elicited the nail biting reaction. With Cat's support, we were able to explore my sub-conscious and emotional body in a graceful, connected, encouraging, and loving way that further catalyzed the release of childhood beliefs and programming connected to the desire to bite. As this was my first experience with RTT Hypnotherapy I am truly blown away at how effective this form of therapy was for me and my addiction. I no longer have the desire to bite my nails and I have consistently had nails now for 2 months, clipping away!!! :)! I am so incredibly filled with gratitude for my gorgeous friend Cat, her business Life Upgrade 4 U, and her present, mindful, loving services. I recommend Life Upgrade 4 U to the utmost degree and I pray that Cat's services support you as it did me." (RTT Hypnotherapy) – Chris C.

"I went to go see Cathy because I heard VST really helps with stress/ relaxation. It was so much more than I thought it would be. I literally went into a deep relaxation within a couple minutes. It was incredible. When I got off the table I felt completely restored and light. Every trace of tension and stress was gone from my body. It's been three days since the session and I am really happy with the results and to add I'm sleeping better than I have in years.

I highly recommend Cathy, she has skills!" (VST) – Nate A.

"I have attended several sessions w Cathy and all i can say is that they were all a success!! i cannot explain what she does with those bowls. it's like magic! i've never felt so relaxed in so long! it's usually very difficult for me to relax, but she made it extremely easy for me. she's one talented lady! even a week after my sessions with her, sometimes i could still feel the vibrations from the bowls and i'd just calm down immediately. i also have difficulty sleeping at night and after a couple sessions, i sleep like a baby!! highly recommend her!" (VST) Joey P.

"I am amazed by the results I've received from my RTT Session. Working with Cat has made such a positive impact in my life. I was able to see a change almost immediately after completing my session and listening to the recordings. I highly recommend doing a session. I am forever grateful!" (RTT Hypnotherapy) – Cindy R.

"Cat Is such a talented caring beautiful soul. She has certainly found her calling with her work. She helped me precisely identify limiting beliefs around finances that we're derived from specific childhood memories. Her work is amazing. She has this gift of honing in on the core issue. Then through her guided journey she helped me to reprogram the subconscious brain and rewrite my money story. I know that her skill can apply to shifting many believes and behaviors from negative or distractive to positive and productive. I highly recommend Cat s services." (RTT) – Shamangelichealing Anahata

"I went to see Cathy for anxiety. At the time, my anxiety was so debilitating It was hard for me to function. The first RTT session was .... INCREDIBLE. I released so much that I had no idea was in me. Cathy is so talented, pure, and transformational. Her skillset is so natural and effortless. She made me a recording that I listened to for 21 days 2 times a day after the session. My anxiety completely went away after the first session. I went back for a second session of RTT and that's when I had a major upgrade/breakthrough. I will never be the same. I no longer identify with anxiety or depression. I am a brand new person all thanks to Cathy and her amazing work. I really have experienced an upgrade in life and now everyday gets more and more amazing. I am so grateful for Cathy and her ability to help others become their truest self and release childhood trauma. I recently just had first sound healing session with her and it was very moving. I could feel the energy flowing through my body and parts of my mind that needed expansion, expanding. This is new for me and I will continue to see her for these healing and growth sessions. On a side note, her demeanor is very gentle, open, and kind. Her office is extremely warming and welcoming and smells amazing. Thank you Cathy for being an angel here on earth!" (VST & RTT Hypnotherapy) – Brittany S.

"I have been dealing with sleeping problems and stress, so went online and found this place read all the good reviews and decided to give it a try. One of the best decision I've made, Cathy was AMAZING!! After the first time I was able to sleep like a baby :) and my stress level has gone down extremely thank you so much Cathy. I highly recommend and I will for sure refer my friends and family about this place." (VST) – Yessenia C.

"I have had about 6 sessions with Cat and let me tell you those bowls are amazing. From the first strike of the session to the last I am in complete relaxation and in a place I have never been before. It has helped my immune system, I do not react to stress or people the same way, my sleep is awesome and if even helps me with traveling for work. I now make a session with her before every business trip and I no longer suffer from jet lag or get sick when traveling. I will continue this therapy for sure!" (VST) – Nicole W.

"QHHT was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It was such an amazing experience to be able to relive a past life. Cathy did a great job of guiding me through the whole experience. It was soothing and also it taught me more about myself. I would recommend anyone to try it for themselves cause you never know what you could learn from it." – William H.

"QHHT was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Cathy is truly someone that is gifted in her talents. I was able to explore the inner workings of my subconscious & get answers to questions I've been wondering for quite some time. I am so thankful that a service like this exists & that Cathy was the one to give it to me. Thank you for bringing me peace & insight!" – Amanda T.

"I don't even know where to begin. This was an experience of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful for it. The past life I experienced was amazing, but the part where my Super Conscious came out and answered my questions and did physical healing on my arm is the most extraordinary thing ever. I have a cyst on my left arm that was the size of a baseball. It was benign and doctors said it would be a big deal to remove because it had attached to my bone. I have had it for over 20 years and it gradually keeps getting bigger. One month after my session, it has shrunk a whole inch. I am amazed and would not have believed it if I didn't see it. I am excited to see what it will look like in 6 months! Thank you Cathy for guiding me through this with so much understanding, you definitely work from the heart. I would recommend Cathy and QHHT 100%." – David Q.

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