A Revolutionary Approach that Goes Beyond Hypnotherapy

There are tools in RTT that help with migraines and/or chronic pain. Healing Vortex and Command Cell Therapy are extremely effective in these situations. The mind has the power to lessen the pain and heal the body. But again, we would start with regression.

The mind can make the symptom of every illness, and it can also remove every symptom. Often our mind will give us pain, migraines, or other physical aliments to get us out of situations or to make a situation bearable. Often times, children that are in uncomfortable situations will develop a condition or illness to get them out of the place of harm or extreme stress.

An example when the SCM takes on an illness:

A child that is rejected by its parents will have so much mental pain and heartache. They end up with the belief “I AM not lovable and/or not enough or worthy.” When the rejection is too painful, the mind will develop a symptom (example:psoriasis) and then the child believes they aren't good enough because of the “psoriasis”. It is just too painful for the child to think they, themselves, aren't good enough. And then often the “symptom” stays with them throughout life, because the belief of the SCM is, “If my parents do not love me, no one will”. So the (issue) “psoriasis” stays with them and gives them a possible excuse to stay away from other people, so they aren't rejected again. This doesn't just happen in childhood. This can also develop in adulthood or suddenly come back in adulthood, when the SCM thinks it needs to protect again from the same kind of pain.

Once we discover the “purpose” for the symptom, we just let the SCM know that it isn't helping any longer. We give new instructions to the SC, and the symptom will be alleviated. We also have pain management tools that can be done during RTT that helps control pain and can quite literally “turn it off”.

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Success Stories...

"My initial session was for an inner earache that was causing me a ton of pain. Let me just tell you right off the bat......It worked!! I'm not saying that she waived a magical wand over me and cured me but darn near close. When I came out of my hypnotic state my ear pain was 85-90% better than when I went into it. This 'joke' of hypnosis is definitely not a 'joke' at all. I came out free of some of the excruciating pain I had and I truly felt relaxed. I was exhausted and knew my body was working in OT now to cure what ailed me. Cathy is so comforting throughout the entire process and makes sure you know whats going on at all times. I will definitely be going back for more sessions to help me with a list of other issues I am struggling with. Thank you Cathy for all of your healing help, I look forward to our upcoming sessions."

Jennifer Williams