A Revolutionary Approach that Goes Beyond Hypnotherapy

We are born with two fears, being dropped and loud noises. All other fears and phobias are acquired though life experiences. A phobia means that your response in not rational.

These beliefs are deep in the subconscious mind, therefore, they CANNOT be removed through logical thinking.

Fear or phobias are a result of your mind trying to prevent you from doing something that it believes will hurt you. The brain's main job is to keep you away from pain and keep you alive.

Somewhere in your life, most likely when you were very young, a traumatic event happened. Now remember, when you were young, a classroom of peers laughing at you would be quite traumatic. The feeling you got through this event (could be any event), was so intense, the feeling you wanted to die rather than be going through that event. Well, your SCM remembers that. You had intense feelings and “wanted to die”.

Remember, the SCM doesn't know the truth, it only knows what you tell it. Years later, you aren't able to do public speaking or whatever the situation is. This is because when you were young, you told your mind you wanted to die rather than do whatever. Or the embarrassment, fear, whatever feeling you had, doing something, was so intense, your mind is now not allowing you to ever get in that situation again.

When the event is discovered through regression, it can logically be dealt with and the adverse feeling is removed. Therefore, your mind does not need to keep you away from that certain situation any longer. The fear or phobia is gone and you are free.

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Success Stories...

"After one RTT session with Cathy I already see a difference in my ability, and motivation to be organized. I have less anxiety about starting projects that used to seem overwhelming and caused me to procrastinate. Now I approach each task with a strategic plan and a calm demeanor. I am so grateful for the session with Cathy and continue to utilize the tools she provided me with."

Shannon S.