What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Does this describe you?

Do you come across as being confident on the outside? People think you "have it all"? But on the inside, you feel empty, out of place, and you dont feel you fit in?

Or do you feel you arent good enough or just not lovable?

Do you continually doubt yourself, lack motivation, or start projects but never finish them?

Do you have goals, but never reach them?

Are you overwhelmed and feel disconnected from your emotions and relationships?

Do you struggle with money or weight issues?

You live. You learn. You Upgrade.

When you are stuck, it means it is time for an Upgrade. The key to a life changing upgrade is to uncover your life limiting beliefs and then replace them and reprogram your mind for what you truly want out of life.

Facts about the Subconscious Mind (SCM)

1.The SCM only thinks in the present.

2. The SCM does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

3. The SCM will believe ANYTHING you tell it whether it makes logical sense or not. It never questions what you tell it.

4. The SCM stores every event, occurrence, emotion and circumstance from before we were born and arguably, if you so choose to believe, even from previous lifetimes. All of that data is stored and is available for recall. It contains all the reasons you do what you do and believe what you believe. (This is where we go during an RTT Session)

5. The SCM is a guardian and a gate keeper, using the data stored from past events. It leads us accordingly. Often we go into “automatic mode” of reaction which is based on SC instincts. When we choose a powerful “I AM” statement consciously, we can reprogram/upgrade the automatic mode the SC usually goes and have control, instead of our past experiences influencing us now. (RTT Session)

6. The SCM loves repetition. Through repetition, we continue to reprogram and upgrade. This will literally free ourselves from the drama and trauma of our past and then change the reaction and direction the SCM automatically takes us. (This is the purpose of the recording I make for you to listen to for 21 days.)

7. The SCM does not contain Truth (like the infinite possibilities that are available to us throughout our lifetime). It contains OUR version of the Truth, which is what is limiting us from Everything! Conclusions that we have made throughout life, are our actual limits. When we see the conclusions and challenge them and then replace them, we open up all possibilities. The SCM ONLY knows what it knows. It DOES NOT know about what is possible, what could be.

8. SCM programming happens very early in life. Between the ages of 0-7 years, children are learning more subconsciously that consciously. The programming continues until the age of 16.

9. The SCM doesn’t work on logic, it is like a tape recorder. When a tape recorder records something, it does not analyze or judge, it just records. The same is for the SCM. An example is: A female child grows up around an abusive father, he either mistreats her or she watches her father mistreat her mother. The SCM is recording all of this and it makes it “normal”, the scenario is normal to her. Where as, a child that grows up in a loving, nurturing environment, that would be normal and feel right to her. They both, most likely will end up in the same kind of relationship that they watched or “recorded” earlier in life, because that kind of relationship feels “normal”.

10. The SCM is “open for business” 24 hours a day. It is aware of EVERYTHING going on around you. It is constantly working, absorbing information in the background, even when we are sleeping or not paying attention.

11. Through tools like RTT, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and NLP we can empower ourselves, free the SCM of limiting beliefs and quite literally, make our SCM our personal assistant, our guide, our ally, protecting us, guiding us and directing our behaviors and actions to obtain our unlimited potential which is everything we have EVER DREAMED of or DESIRED in life.

What is the process of an RTT session

You will come to my office or I will set up a meeting on ZOOM (internet). We will discuss what you are having difficulty with and what your perfect outcome would be.

Next I will put you into hypnosis and that is where the magic happens. I will use certain tools that will be specifically picked for your situation: Regression, RFPI (Rool,Function,Purpose,Intent), Upgrading the Child, Merging the Child, Dialogue with the Abuser, CCT (Command Cell Therapy) and/or Healing Vortex. Any combination of those tools could be used, it just depends on your particular needs.

Using these tools, we will establish what life-limiting belief you have, uncover the root cause of that belief, let go of that belief and any feelings from the past. And finally; empower you with new beliefs!

The whole time, you and I are communicating, you are completely involved with uncovering the meaning and interpretation of the life events and YOU, yourself, then change them and let them go! This leads to the most permanent and powerful change!

The last 15-20 minutes, I make a recording for you. The recording is very powerful and it will be yours to keep. I do this for each client, it is specific, tailor made just for you. You will be responsible to listen to it for the 21 days following your session. It is VERY important you do this part of the process. The mind likes familiarity and it takes 21 days for the mind to fully latch-on and make your new, empowering beliefs and behaviors habits.

When you come to full awareness, you will be super relaxed, yet energized. You will feel “lighter, free, and empowered” . You will feel a “difference, an upgrade, or a shift” immediately. These are all words clients use to describe how they feel immediately afterwards.

This process takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. It doesn’t need long. I will contact you the day after the session and then once a week for the following three weeks. I am available anytime for you if any questions or concerns come up.

Success Stories...

"I am SO grateful I saw Cat for my RTT sessions! I have been struggling with time management with school and organization throughout every aspect of my life. I felt like I was almost sabotaging my own efforts. I have another year and half of school to graduate with my masters, but if I continued the way I was going, it wasnt going to happen.

Since seeing Cat Ive been feeling much more efficient with my time. I had a difficult time getting motivated to study & do my school work, I discovered I didnt believe in myself or deserved to succeeed. When we did “regression” I discovered why I felt like that. Cat showed me how to remove those beliefs during the session. Mentally I feel driven & excited about school again. Listening to my personal recording before bed, it is also a soothing way for me to fall asleep, I feel at ease knowing that my subconscious is taking in everything as well. Im so grateful for Cat, thank you so much for everything! I cant wait to see what else we can accomplish!"

Sarah N.